creative liberator

May the other side also be heard.

(Latin expression)


It is difficult to say what I am doing because I usually create new things, and the fields in which I work are changing all the time. Social systems design is the closest description I came with. But, in principle, I am just solving difficult problems and causing changes. Even if no one asks me to, even if no one pays - true artists are unable to live and not to create :-) . My favorite themes are liberation and enlightenment, but I am working with (almost) purely technological problems as well.

     Key facts about me as a professional:

  • Background in Foresight, Intuition and Business:

    • A PhD candidate and a Master of Arts in Futures Studies, University of Turku​, Finland - one of the countries known for its advanced foresight capacity.

    • Participant of a one-year seminar Holistic Guidance Body-Mind-Spirit led by Sabine Hahne.

    • Master of Humanities from the Belarusian State University, where I studied International Economics, Law, languages and a number of cross-disciplinary courses. Competent in Maths, ICT, Applied Psychology, Marketing, Communications.

  • Entrepreneur since 2006, providing communications and foresight services. Served over 900 corporate customers of varying sizes, coming from different industries and ends of the world.

  • Fluent in English, French, Russian, Swedish, Belarusian. Less fluent in Finnish, German, Norwegian, Latvian, Polish, Ukrainian.

A young traveler may know more than an old man.

(Belarusian proverb)

Some recent projects:​

  • Global surveillance system (in progress)

  • Universal foresight system

  • Global governance model

  • Robotization of small-scale manufacturing

  • Probable new human needs in safe sci-fi futures

  • Digital health perspectives for a global ICT player

  • Plan for liberation of Belarus (is being implemented in 2020)

  • Predictive value of cultural dimensions for sharing industry

  • Shift from product- to service-dominant logic for system suppliers of shipping industry

  • Market entry and growth strategy for a new type of food



  • Writing humor, fiction, e.g. a philosophic fairy tale for young adults - Janka from the Great Kingdom.

  • Working for enlightenment and liberation. A 'visible' example of my activities of this kind is the largest dictionary of Belarusian - Narodny sloŭnik​ (developed together with the team of OU Nareika Diplomatic). This language is the source of spiritual force and renaissance to the Belarusian people fighting for their liberation.
  • Dancing, street workout, biking, piano playing.

Some scientists say we fear the new.

Let's prove them wrong :)


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