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clarity for change

Aims of communication

Must be in the best interests of all, based on respect for freedom.

Communication types
Communication services.png


change communications,
risk and opportunity


crisis communication,
issues management,
media monitoring…

Less targeted

CSR, PR, SMM, B2C marketing…


public affairs,


community relations,
ecosystem relations,

More targeted

B2B, public affairs,
employer branding,
internal communications…

What I can do for you

Ideas: strategy, analysis, metrics, planning, other consulting, coaching.

Messages: key messages, all messages.

  • Texts, live (public speaking, events, real/virtual discussions) – professional.

  • Images, video/audio – amateur.

Cultures and markets: English-speaking, French-speaking, German-speaking, Scandinavia, Slavic countries, Baltics. I speak 10+ languages, most freely English, Swedish, French, Belarusian, and Russian.

Previous customers, experience

Since 2004, I worked mostly in linguistic services (translations, content creation), foresight consulting, and marketing. I helped over 900 corporate customers from diverse industries and of diverse scale, including large multinational corporations and top government officials. Typically, the problems I worked on had an international component.

Why Lauras Nareiko
  • Internal motivation to do good to the world through conversations. I am particularly driven by such causes as liberation, education, sustainability.

  • Clarity, clarity, clarity: professional background in futures studies, trained futures thinking skill and linguistic skills. Able to understand complexity and explain it simply to others.

  • Clarity brings change: having understood their situation, people want new experiences.

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