clarity in action

What I can do for you


Solve new problems. Complex, difficult to define, with many stakeholders.

For example:

  • For a start-up:
         What (promising) business idea would suit me best? Is my idea feasible? How to realize it?

  • For a small or medium-sized organization with some experience:
         How to develop our business in the coming years? How can we renew and improve ourselves?

  • For a large organization:
         Can you cooperate with our people to solve a problem? Can you give us more ideas or help improve ours? We may need to transform our field, can you help us?


No one knows everything: where necessary, I cooperate with other professionals, scientists and firms from Finland. Participatory methods such as crowdsourcing of ideas, futures workshops, Delphi studies etc. can be organized globally with digital means or locally in cooperation with the customer.

Previous customers, experience


It is difficult to compare myself with all other suppliers, but I can share one story.

     In 2018, the Global Challenges Foundation announced a contest with USD 5M in awards, of which the absolute winner would have received at least USD 1 M. The task was to suggest a global governance system that would meet a number of criteria, e.g. equality of people, being realistic for the coming decade etc.

     A tough challenge and good money, also for scientific, expert organizations and consultancies. I decided to participate. Over 12.000 others also decided so and registered for the contest. Yet only about 2.700 of them submitted their entries. (Here is mine, just in case.)

     I did not win, but I was in that top quarter who delivered.


     As for my other experiences, they are quite diverse. By January 2020, I have helped over fifty relevant customers. Customer's size varied a lot (some were global leaders), as well as their industries and sectors. The nature of the problems has been changing according to the dominant trends: e.g. globalization, digitization, artificial intelligence, sustainability...

Why Aleksej Nareiko

  • Professional futurist. Master's degree in Futures Studies from Finland - a global leader in the field. Knowledge about the latest future signs, discoveries and technologies.

  • Good in reaching clarity and formulating the ultimate high-level questions to answer, which is sometimes half of the solution.
    Check, for instance, Aleksej's Master's thesis about a highly complex theme, briefly presented here.

  • Courage. Practiced at working with impossible problems. Even alone, if no one else is ready.
    Can people in totalitarian countries get free? I am working on it.

  • Knows how to be creative, not only by using rational tools and frameworks, but also through spiritual capabilities. 
    For example, I took part in the Bielefeld challenge that required participants to prove that the city did not exist. (See my entry here.)



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