Dying Planet (Плянэта, якая гіне)

Once O arrived onto the dying planet. Its inhabitants knew the planet was dying, but they continued to live as if nothing was happening. O asked one of the inhabitants why he didn’t do anything for the planet. He answered: - Someone else is more responsible for the problems, not me. - But you are going to die, too. - Maybe not. - Why not? - Someone else who is responsible will not let it happen. - But who is he or she? - The rich and powerful. - The same ones who caused dying? - Yes, the same ones… O did not ask any more questions. - - - Плянэта, што гіне Аднаго разу О зьявілася на плянэце, якая гіне. Ейныя жыхары ведалі, што плянэта памірае, але працягвалі жыць, нібыта нічога не адбывалася.



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