a creative liberator

May the other side also be heard.

(Latin expression)

You can often find me on the other side. The other side is always a minority. They must be more creative, as a result. That's where I have got much experience and can help: train creativity, or 'design' something (hopefully better than the first side).

     I develop exercises for creativity. I am publishing my best ideas for free here and on social media. If some ideas are not good enough to share them for free, then I sell them for money, like my book 100 Creativity Exercises.

     I also create new things, propose better futures. They are hard to describe exactly because they are new, sometimes seen as impossible just a moment ago. Social systems design is the closest name for this activity I came with. But, in principle, I am just solving problems and causing necessary changes.

     I pay more attention to  future possibilities than to the past limitations, especially imagined ones. My favorite themes are liberation and enlightenment, but I work with (almost) technological problems as well. People seem to me more important elements of solution than tools: they are still more powerful and more flexible than most of their circumstances.


Key facts about me as a professional:

  • Education: Background in Foresight, Intuition and Business:

    • A PhD candidate and a Master of Arts in Futures Studies, University of Turku​, Finland - one of the countries known for their advanced foresight capacity.

    • Participant of a one-year seminar Holistic Guidance Body-Mind-Spirit led by Sabine Hahne.

    • Master of Humanities from the Belarusian State University, where I studied International Economics, Law, languages and a number of cross-disciplinary courses. Competent in Communications, Maths, ICT.

  • Work: Entrepreneur since 2006, providing communications and foresight services. Served over 900 corporate customers of varying sizes, coming from different industries and ends of the world.

  • Languages and cultures: Fluent in English, French, Russian, Swedish, Belarusian. Less fluent in Finnish, German, Norwegian, Latvian, Polish, Ukrainian.
    To date, I have spent most of my life in Belarus, Scandinavian countries, Germany, Baltic countries and USA.

A young traveler may know more than an old man.

(Belarusian proverb)

Some recent projects:​


  • ICT roadmap (research)

  • Global surveillance system (research in progress)

  • Universal foresight system (a tool)

  • New human needs in safe sci-fi futures (research)

  • Futures of blockchain technologies (research)

  • Predictive value of cultural dimensions for sharing industry


  • ICT and other high tech:

    • Introduction of a digital twin at a manufacturing company

    • Vision of autonomous maritime transport

    • Robotization of small-scale manufacturing

    • User interface for an industrial equipment

    • Digital health perspectives for a global ICT player

    • Business concept for an ICT consulting company

    • Concept and market entry strategy for an asset management service in the shipping industry

    • Market entry and growth strategy for a new type of food

  • Society:

    • Global governance model (a contest entry)

    • Service concept for a state agency
    • Global governance system (a contest entry)

    • Game to provoke creative thinking about sustainability
    • Online content rewarding system

    • Plan for liberation of Belarus (was implemented in 2020)

Some scientists say we fear the new.
Let's prove them wrong :)