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© Aleksej Nareiko

There is a moon in the puddle. I can touch it.

If I only need a puddle to touch the moon, why am I afraid of going to another puddle?

- - 

У лужыне месяц. Магу да яго дакрануцца.

Калі мне патрэбная ўсяго толькі лужына, каб дастаць месяц, чаму я баюся перайсьці да другой лу...

- Who are those strangers on the picture?

- Ah, they are us yesterday!

- - -

- Хто гэтыя дзівакі на карціне?

- А, гэта ж мы ўчора!

Picture by Nareikolainen

Once O arrived onto the dying planet. Its inhabitants knew the planet was dying, but they continued to live as if nothing was happening.

O asked one of the inhabitants why he didn’t do anything for the planet. He answered:

- Someone else is more responsible for the probl...

– Why do we need to die in order to become something else?    – O asked.

– Maybe because we do not want to change, – answered A, her friend. – If we die, we do not need to decide, do not need to fight our fears.

– Maybe we can simply dream? When we dream, it is...

O is undecided about what she’d like to become. She wants to remain neutral as long as possible, until she is certain in her choice. She likes the number 0 most. And she doesn’t like high numbers.

- - -

О ня ведае, кім хоча стаць. Яна хоча заставацца пасярэдзіне як мага...

     Viks, the inhabitants of the planet, often doubt and, therefore, almost never dare to do anything.

     O, one of the viks, goes to school. They learn to draw there. Drawing is important, because a vik can draw their next life. For example, if a vik draws...

There was nothing on that planet, but its inhabitants were afraid of losing something. Small and tiny pieces flew down from the sky. ‘If the new arrives, something old must disappear’, downheartedly said older inhabitants.

- - -

На плянэце, дзе не было нічога, жыхары бая...

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