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If a human is a three-dimensional being: body, mind, spirit, then these dimensions have their directions, or ways to determine one's location there.

     I suggest they could be:

  • For body – “me” or “others”. A person directs his/her actions mostly on him/he...

Беларуская вэрсія - ніжэй.

A country called Belarus is one of its kind in Europe. Forgotten by freedom, people somehow survive without it. Why do they live like that?

I would define their current dream like this:

Source: Andrej Buchaviecki

It is an ancient cross, from paga...

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Janka from the Great Kingdom

A philosophic fairy tale

Narodny sloŭnik

The largest Belarusian dictionary

Spiavaj :)

Belarusian lyrics
for the songs from all over the world


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