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Once O arrived onto the dying planet. Its inhabitants knew the planet was dying, but they continued to live as if nothing was happening.

O asked one of the inhabitants why he didn’t do anything for the planet. He answered:

- Someone else is more responsible for the probl...

John was a total loser: he failed in everything. Then he bought a device that fulfilled desires. For one week, John carried it on him, and John’s desires came true. Then he noticed he forgot to insert a battery into the device.

     What you think you become.


I stood in the street and a traffic light showed me who was right and who was wrong. Sometimes I was right, sometimes I wasn’t but those who opposed me were. Although nobody collided, no one crashed, it felt bizarre that one was right only temporarily. But it is life....

Сумленьне - новае золата.

– Why do we need to die in order to become something else?    – O asked.

– Maybe because we do not want to change, – answered A, her friend. – If we die, we do not need to decide, do not need to fight our fears.

– Maybe we can simply dream? When we dream, it is...

If I travel, if I wander,

Can I try and find the sea?

What can I do to foresee
Depth and waves, and wind, and thunder?

Democracy is, in fact, everywhere.
But knowledge about freedom is not.

Насамрэч народаўладдзе паўсюль.
Але веды пра свабоду – не.

Якая сувязь між гэтай песьняй Мадоны і лістом з-пад шыбеніцы, які напісаў Каліноўскі?

 Power of Good-Bye. Madonna

У іх урок, безь якога нельга ісьці наперад: трэба разбурыць, каб стварыць. Трэба пазбавіцца, каб займець. Усё пачынаецца са слова “не”.

“Воля прыходзіць, калі...

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