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Гэта як губляць сябра... :)

See the wonderful Pargas island!

P.S. Check who appears after the first minute :)

- - -

Паглядзіце на цудоўны Паргас!

P.S. І зірніце, хто там пасьля першай хвіліны :)


This video is also available on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/WeLovePargas/videos/2715060788755900/

Image from: https://www.freeimages.com/photo/fly-1312943

You are more free thank you think.

You have your voice.

- - -

Ты вальнейшы, чым думаеш.

Маеш голас.

Picture from: 

If you are overloaded, there is a simple recipe: do nothing. Wait long enough and all your things to do will either get settled by themselves or become unnecessary.

Enjoy this song from Dido's new album in the process :)

Your silence will not protect you.

(Тваё маўчаньне цябе не абароніць.)

Audre Lorde

Усе каты роўныя. Нават сабакі.

Picture from: FreeImages.com/jeroen-29451

Хто новага ня бачыў, той і старому рады.

Belarusian proverb / Беларуская прыказка

Picture from @Nareikolainen

Зь вялікага выбору выбераш засёру. 

Belarusian proverb / Беларуская прыказка

Picture from @Nareikolainen

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Janka from the Great Kingdom

A philosophic fairy tale

Narodny sloŭnik

The largest Belarusian dictionary

Spiavaj :)

Belarusian lyrics
for the songs from all over the world


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