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Power without higher purpose is losing its appeal. Intelligence continues rising and is no longer young. Spiritualization, or connectedness, is likely to take their place as the main driver of development. These are the results from the horizon scanning I conducted in...

Developing consciousness seems to be the preferable and necessary next step for the humankind. I can conclude it from the list of human desires that remain unfulfilled and from the growing risks of undeterred intelligence.

Unfulfilled desires? Why do they matter in futu...

Are you free?

Do you allow others to be free?

- - -

You are welcome to download this image in pdf format.

If I hear something... Why can it be false? Who benefits from it? Did I listen to ALL other sides? I choose to do what is best for all.

     Hydrogen seems to have the lowest potential negative environmental impact, provided that its production is clean. Among other expected benefits, one is that if hydrogen is produced from water, there is no need to build and maintain a special infrastructure to supp...

     Most of non-free regimes are based on the income from natural resources, especially from fossil fuels: Venezuela, Iran, Russia, North Korea etc. Additionally, some other non-free regimes are maintained by these ‘donors’: Belarus, Tajikistan etc.

     My presentation at the Futures Conference 2019. From ‘I cannot’ to ‘I can, but I care!’ world. We may want to refuse voluntarily from many dreams.

     The presentation in PDF is  here.     The presentation in images is below the text....

If a human is a three-dimensional being: body, mind, spirit, then these dimensions have their directions, or ways to determine one's location there.

     I suggest they could be:

  • For body – “me” or “others”. A person directs his/her actions mostly on him/he...

Self-limitation is a 'new' need. From linear to circular thinking.

(1) Regulators and (2) technological problems.

     The rise of the cryptocurrencies goes in line with the megatrend called 'empowerment of individual'. People get richer, they feel stronger and prefer less control over them, especially over their money.


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