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Updated: Apr 9, 2021

There was light behind the curtains, David knew it. He did not want to get up, because he did not have a reason. Yet he knew that light already came to the world. Maybe not to his.

Pandemics left him without a job, income, hopes and any ideas. He could think of nothing, as everything seemed to be collapsing. He did nothing, yet he was tired all the time. He slept a lot, yet he felt sleepy like if he didn’t. something was not right.

He closed his eyes and saw a deer walking in the spring fields of Lapland. The deer’s life is obviously no easy, yet she is happier, David thought. Why? Cause she is free. She doesn’t have a job, income, hopes and any ideas. She simply lives.

Can I be like her? What would my life look like then? David closed his eyes again, hoping to see the deer one more time. The deer was in the same field. She came close to a river, drank some water. Then she looked directly at David for a while. It seemed to David that the deer heard some inner voice then. And she listened to it. Following the voice, the deer turned around and went away from David’s view. ‘She followed her intuition’, David told to himself.

He got up from his bed and opened the curtains.

Photo by Lauri Koski from Freeimages

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