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clarity for heart

What do you want to be?
Will it work well? Is it possible?
Why haven’t you done that before?

For individuals


“The truth will set you free.”

     Discover your purpose, choose your instrumental and terminal aims. Travel in time mentally and explore the whole map. Take away the unnecessary. Focus on resonating with the universe.

     Begin to create your futures practically. Consider your environment and starting conditions. Review your risks and past failures. And find out a way for the change to happen.

     Change again when you want.

     I call this exercise 'dream development' because the whole process begins and ends with dreams. The difference is clarity: a better understanding of your motivational drives, possible paths and probable future motivational drives. In simpler terms, we will attempt to answer three main questions: (i) What do you want now? (ii) How can you become it? (iii) What is your likely next dream? Usually, a period of several years is considered as a time frame.

     The whole process takes about one week. It can be anonymous. You begin by making a list of your dreams (or just any desires), at least 100, and by answering some questions about yourself. Then we hold one or two conversations (about 2 hours each), can be online. In most cases, you will also receive an email with some additional ideas from me in 2-3 days after the conversation.


For businesses, organizations, communities

If you want to build a ship,
  don’t drum up people together to collect wood and don’t assign them tasks and work,
     but rather teach them to long for the endless immensity of the sea.

Antoine de Saint Exupery

     A vision that is a genuine dream motivates. If viable, it inspires and unites people. It survives internal and external conflicts (alternative dreams, dreams of competitors etc). It is bold enough to move hearts, yet safe for minds and possible for hands.

     If interested, please read more about visioning method in my essay that received a Honorable Mention from the Association of Professional Futurists for an academic essay in 2018: Comparison of normative scenario and vision as methods of futures research.

     Visioning can be combined with strategizing and communication services.

Why Lauras Nareiko


There is no best consultant for all, especially in such private questions like dreams. I am good for some and not so good for others.

     My focus on clarity implies in practice the abilities to:

  • See broader and farther
    - not only as a professional futurist, but also as a curious personality interested in all options, including most radical ones;

  • Explain it simply enough
    - for example, my blog posts often express ideas in one sentence + picture.
    Being simple is not so easy, especially if you can see what others don't. Qualitative analysis, systems thinking skills, and ability to choose signs meticulously backed by long experience in linguistic services are some of the things  that help me make the picture easy to grasp.


     I omit intentionally the description of my past projects: they may look like limiting lines. I do something afresh every time. First, because the world changes. Second, because even if your situation is not unique, your dreams can be.

     For more information about me, please check Lauras Nareiko page or contact me.

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